Real-time security awareness training

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At last we can bring our weakest link into our security incident response and monitoring function, the users!

CyberKombat includes a ground breaking new pedagogic approach that quickly informs users of the latest security threats and breaches. The platform focuses damage limitation by empowering users with key pointers surrounding a suspected breach, making them extra vigilant quickly. This in turn gives the security team the required time to investigate and remediate.

An organisation can now integrate their security operations with users, to provide a joined up approach that uses both technical controls with what is normally the weakest link in security; user knowledge, and education.

  • Introduction

    Why kidnap people, when you can achieve the same profit with a single keystroke?

    Ransomware is the new hostage taking.

    Here you can find help to understand, prevent and respond to such virus attacks.

  • How Ransomware Works

    First, the attack locks down all the files you have access to, including files on our servers.

    Next, you are asked to pay an amount of money in order to regain access to your files.

    • Your files are encrypted and cannot be opened without a password.
    • Unless you have a backup, your files may be lost forever.
    • Paying is no guarantee for getting your files back.

    What can the consequences be, for yourself and for us, if such a virus finds its way to your PC?

  • An Attack Can Happen Quickly

    The virus may be hidden in an attachment sent to you on e-mail, e.g. a .docx file (see picture).

    In this particular case, the attackers wants you to open the attachment and exit preview mode. This will activate the virus and set off the sequence described on the previous page.

    The virus may also be triggered by clicking on something on a website, or by downloading a file.

    Beside PCs, Android phones are targeted as well. In a recent attack, the only thing the unlucky users did was to visit an erotic website.

  • You Can Take Preventive Measures!

    The best thing you can do to prevent this type of attacks and other malware is to

    • be careful about which files you open and never open file types you do not recognise
    • be careful about which websites you visit

    You can never rule out bad luck, but you can reduce the risk substantially.

  • Not 100% Sure?

    If you suspect a virus attack, or if your antivirus software reports a problem, you must always:

    1. Disconnect from the internet as soon as possible.
    2. Contact IT support. Do not try to remove the virus or solve the problem on your own.

    Also, please contact IT if your computer starts behaving oddly or if you are not 100% certain that everything is in order.

    Remember, there is no shame in asking for help!

Phishing Prevention

Lessons are able to be deployed as and when they’re needed. For example, a new phishing attack is reported by a user, and the organisation is certain that many similar ‘phishing time bomb emails’ are sitting in the other users mailboxes. CyberKombat uses the details surrounding the new attack to issue a quick anti-phishing course to all the users, stating the email subject header and content to specify what to watch out for. This is a 30 second course delivered via phone and email.

SIEM Integration

CyberKombat is able to work alongside your SIEM for both reactive and proactive user training. For example, the latest Zepto ransomware is seen in the SIEM, affecting a particular business unit. This triggers a NanoLearning module to, in real-time, inform the business unit users of the specifics of the attack and what they need to look out for. This is a 1 minute course delivered via phone and email.

Experience Level Identification

Flow based NanoLearning provides a mechanism to quickly understand where each user is in their understanding curve, and then deliver the appropriate NanoLearning to them, so users that are proficient on a topic only cover what they need to, and aren’t forced to sit a whole ‘monolithic’ course.

Social Media VIP Protection

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On Facebook and Twitter your company executives and VIP’s are being spoofed. Using CyberKombat, the VIP’s are sent email and texts asking them via a quick survey if they could refrain from using social media while the issues are investigated and quantified, and once fixed they are sent a short nano course detailing any new related awareness data.

Third Party Awareness

Threat intelligence may reveal that specific business applications, that your company has outsourced, are being targeted. In this case the awareness platform can send real-time email and texts to your third party outsourcer making them extra vigilant and suggesting the patch if possible, and gives you their feedback via a short survey question as to whether they have already seen the risk.


If you or your team are interested in experiencing CyberKombat, please get in touch using the link below and we’ll help tailor a training package around your needs.