CyberKombat Courses

We offer a number of different CyberKombat courses, ranging from one off sessions to continuous training and development programmes. These courses can be customised around your organisation, giving your team the best experience possible.

From custom built network infrastructure to industry specific attack vectors, the entire service can be tailored to your specifications. You can find a list of available courses below.

One Off Courses

Our one off courses focus on a single area of your choosing, either product or attack/defence based. Users are given a quick overview of the area and how to use the chosen product or protect against the chosen attack.

Annual Courses

Our annual courses are a year-long training package that focus on a number of attack and defence scenarios, giving your team a full year of training specific to your organisation.

‘Always on’ Courses

Our ‘always on’ courses consist of a continuous training and development programme, allowing your organisation to train on the latest defence techniques as and when they’re needed. Ad-hoc training on new threats as soon as they surface allows your team to be prepared for any eventuality.

Security Domain Courses

Our security domain courses focus on specific security use cases. They cover all aspects of security, from forensics and DDoS to in-depth operating system and security tool configuration.

Real-time Attack Package

Our real-time attack package correlates threat intelligence with the CyberKombat platform to enable your organisation to understand the implications of new attacks immediately. Using live attack simulations of the latest threats, users are able to learn how to respond in real-time.

Security Product Courses

Our security product courses focus on specific security products, e.g. IBM QRadar, Carbon Black, Tenable Network Security, etc. This allows your team to learn the ins and outs of particular security products, improving their effectiveness on your own network.

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