What is CyberKombat?

CyberKombat is a cloud based cybersecurity modelling, development, training, testing, and certification environment.

Based on the latest SDN technologies, the environment serves to mimic real world security architectures and operations centres. It then enables attack models to be played through, helping in understanding the logic behind the who, what, where, when, and why of attacks, then providing answers and Run-Books on how to remediate.

CyberKombat Portal

The CyberKombat Portal is a central hub for all things CyberKombat. From here you can run attacks, manage security products, view tutorials and activate cyber awareness training. Using a back-end built on Python and MySQL, the CyberKombat Portal brings all the features of CyberKombat into a robust management console, built from the ground up for ease of use.

Build Your Environment

Build your virtual network from the ground up with a built in topology visualisation engine. Choose network devices, OS and applications to simulate, then choose which security products you will use to defend them.

Deploy Attacks

Deploy any of our 1200+ cyber attacks via the click of a button, giving you a real-world example of the attack taking place.

Learn to Defend

CyberKombat puts you in charge of defending a corporate network. Context sensitive micro-videos and interactive task guides help teach you the most effective way to respond to the attacks that have been deployed.

Advanced Technical Training

CyberKombat’s incident response training is built around attack simulation and defence training. With over 1,200 inbuilt attacks, users are able to test themselves against every threat their organisation may face. We offer a number of different courses that can be customised to fit your team.

Threat Intelligence

CyberKombat utilises some of the worlds most advanced threat intelligence feeds, which allows you to simulate and train against the latest attacks hitting the industry, faster than any other service on the market.

CyberKombat is able to give your team personalised ‘Run-Books’, key performance indicators, reports and remediation plans for a number of use cases, including: New zero day attacks, direct attacks on your industry, indicators of compromise, malware mapping, etc.

Customise Your Experience

No two CyberKombat experiences are ever the same. Each implementation is personalised to the organisation using it, giving users the best experience possible. From custom built network infrastructure to industry specific attack vectors, the entire service can be tailored to your specifications. To find out what course would be best for your team, or are interested in finding out more, please use the links below.