Real World Security Training

How it Works

CyberKombat combines the sheer power of modern day security tools with the most advanced threat intelligence available, to offer a fully integrated security training service.

CyberKombat’s incident response training is built around attack simulation and defence training. With over 1,200 inbuilt attacks, users are able to test themselves against each and every threat their organisation may face.

Realtime Attack Scenarios

Using our advanced simulation engine, we are able to simulate cyber attacks in real-time. Not only allowing you to test your incident response skills, but demonstrating the most efficient and effective way of responding to them.

Cyber Awareness Training

Utilising new pedagogic NanoLearning from a Gartner leader, our unique training system is the most effective way to train your team. Context sensitive micro-videos and interactive task guides help steer you in the right direction without drowning you with irrelevant information.


If you or your team are interested in experiencing CyberKombat, please get in touch using the link below and we’ll help tailor a training package around your needs.